JenniKate Wallace

Crafting products from cradle to grave

I work on strategy, research, UX, Interaction Design & delivery.

I champion new concepts and cutting edge technology, when it serves a purpose.

I believe products that make people's lives easier can always produce a positive return on investment.

About Portfolio

From "what should we do?", to "how should we do it?", to most importantly "let's get it done!", Jenni is a great all-round product manager and user experience expert.

Thomas Brightwell - Product Director

About me

My name is JenniKate Wallace and I love making people's lives easier.

I feel products that push the boundaries of interaction design and technology while at the same time being simple and usable are the most effective.

I am happiest when faced with the challenge of identifying a users want or need and crafting a profitable product for them!

My background

Living in London since 2005, I'm originally from Melbourne Australia with a background in self-service & marketplace products.

For the last 5 years I've worked at Rated People, taking the company from start-up to small business.

Over the years I've broadened my skills and now work on all aspects of product from strategy and research through to design, build and launch.

Notable achievements

I designed the first online self-service tool for account and domain management at Pacific Internet Australia.

I crafted a two click bill generator for the wholesale billing team at Cable&Wireless.

I developed the mobile & cross-device strategy at Rated People.

I was a key member of the team that, having closed multiple funding rounds, grew Rated People to a multi-million pound business with over 50 staff.


It's an exciting time to be a product crafter, the rapid changes in technology means innovation is a the forefront of any role. Research, creativity and data analysis are key to product development - but it's even more important than ever that you put the customer at the heart of what you do.

With the advancement of mobile and tablets, product design has become increasingly challenging and exciting. Multi & cross device design and concepts of 'second screen' engagement lead our thinking and the capabilities of smart phones and tablets allow us the opportunity to make people's experiences fast and simple.

I'm a big believer in staying abreast of changes and champion using new ideas and cutting edge technology, as long as it makes for a positive ROI!

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Jenni is equally at home conducting customer research, user testing, analysing behaviour data, advising on IxD best practices or crafting user experiences which are simple, elegant and a joy to use. She's a great people person and so at her best when collaborating in a team and scribbling away on a whiteboard. She's also technical enough to work really closely with developers and provide them with all the what-if detail when it comes to getting great products out the door. Did I also mention she's a great proponent and practitioner of Agile scrum?!

From "what should we do?", to "how should we do it?", to most importantly "let's get it done!", Jenni is a great all-round product manager and user experience expert.

Thomas Brightwell - Product Director

Jen is amazing, she's passionate about the customer and is an expert at Agile. She's the type of person you can sit down with a problem and a blank piece of paper, analyse a problem from 10 angles and come up with an elegant solution. I would love to work with her again.

Emma Harvey - Product & Strategy Director

As a visual designer, working with JenniKate allowed me to enhance my designs ensuring the best user experience.

Besides her task, JenniKate always supported everyone that needed, and ensured that the company culture was being delivered. She is an hard worker, collaborative, informed and brilliant individual and a pleasure to work with.

Orlando Oliviera - Visual Designer